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A (True) Sweetest Day Poem

by: Eric W. Schott, aka Ericwschottposted: 4/12/2011

A real-life experience in Athens, Ohio.


"Good morning! Here's a cart sir!" Thelma Sue greeted me with aplomb,

"Good morning to you Sue. Are you ready for tomorrow?"

"I'm not sure?" She asked her brow quizzically askew.

"Sweetest Day is on Saturday. I figured that you knew."

"You don't say, young man? Saturday? are you sure?"

"I've never heard of such a thing! It sounds nice, please tell me more."

"Sweethearts, lovers, boyfriends & girlfriends, that's what it's all about."

Now I'm questioning the timing, the exact date and my memory seriously in doubt.

"Sue, can you point me to the greeting cards? Knowing Hallmark will help me out.

To my chagrin, nary a card in sight, no chocolates or gifts, as I scan the shelves throughout.

Quickly to the jewelry counter I head, assuming that they'll know and calm all my fears,

The fear  that if I missed it, she'll be hurt, while I'll be reminded for many, years.

I expected to see diamonds literally flying out the door, but that was not the case.

A girl named Jen behind the counter, was also clueless , with a sadness on her face

"That's news to me, sir. But if so, my man better come home prepared."

At this point, your man and I have every reason to be scared.

I grab the attention of a woman nearby, looking at some rings.

Her cart already loaded down with values, looking for one more thing.

"Ma'am? Can I ask you a quick question?" My unshaven face making her flinch a bit.

The honor of a couple of men hang in the balance, I move forward, she backs away while asking, "Well, what is it?

"Is sweetest day on Saturday? October the 16th?"

"I've heard of it, yes I have, and if it'so, my spouse better bring me some bling."

"I have a phone and I can make a call to someone who will know." We'll just see!"

She dials, I hear it ringing, she looks over and mouths to me," it's my mother in Tennessee"

She's nodding as she's talking, in obvious agreement.

"It's tomorrow. Yes it is!" Her eyes start searching for a ring.

My dilemma far from over . I profusely thank her for her time.

A simple gesture has turned into a local incident. Forgetful partners In Athens Ohio, I started a line.

What to get? Candy? No. Flowers yes, but not the real kind.

Silk flowers of course, as they will last forever to remind my sweetie and myself,

That October 16th every year, is Sweetest day, and how much she means to me.

I won't forget the Wal-Mart in Athens, the nice people and a mother in Tennessee.


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